Crate TX30BE

Amp Guitar TX30BE Battery Powered 30Watt
Sales price kr 1.795,00
Description Battery powered with tons of tone. Now you can take your music anywhere with the TX30BE, and play for up to 8 hours. The Crate Taxi provides players everything they need to perform when far from any source of electricity. With the newly designed injection molded enclosure, the TX30BE has improved bass response and is lighter and more transportable than ever before! A specially designed Crate 8" woofer and Piezo tweeter ensure clean, loud performance from a full range of frequencies. A vocal/aux. channel includes 1/4" input with level control, and an instrument channel includes 1/4" input, gain boost, 3 band EQ, and level. Plus, the Taxi comes with a wall charger and 12v adapter for operation or charging from your car battery. This amp is for anyone who requires portable, credible, tone. This amp would be perfect for soloists who want to play and sing or use a CD player/drum machine in remote areas.


Output Power Rating: 30 watts RMS @ 10% THD, 8 ohms, 13.6VDC in Input Impedance 1M ohm Maximum Signal Accepted: Channel 1 6V peak to peak; Channel 2 12V peak to peak Gain: Channel 1 64dB; Channel 2 56dB w/Gain switch out, 86dB w/Gain switch in Sensitivity: Channel 1 9mV RMS; Channel 2 20mV RMS w/Gain switch out, .7mV RMS w/Gain switch in; Line In Insert .3mV RMS Channel 1 EQs: +/-15dB @ 600Hz Channel 2 EQs: Low 12.5dB range @ 80Hz; Mid 18dB range @ 850Hz; High 13dB range @ 6kHz Insert Jack: Tip Line in; Ring Line Out; Sleeve Ground Speakers: Woofer Crate Custom Design 8", 8 ohm, 50 watt; Tweeter 2" Piezo, 8 ohm, 50 watt Power Requirements: Internal 12VDC power supply; DC adapter for 120VAC; 12V vehicle lighter adapter (optional) Size and Weight: 14.5"H x 11.75" W x 12" D, 20 lbs.